Life, raccoons, bees and rain

I have a funny story about life, raccoons, bees, a hole in the roof, rain, and Lee. Those of vivid enough imagination and sufficient knowledge of who I am should probably already have some idea's on the direction this will take.

We have recently had raccoon's take up habitation in our attic. Rather, it's a crawl space on the top story of our home, between the interior wall and the low sloped roof. While fixing one of the holes in the roof that the raccoons get in through, it started raining. I'm not a sure-footed man so I tied myself to a nearby chimney so I wouldn't fall.

TIED myself to the place I was working.

That part is important, I was TIED physically to where I was working. I started to patch a hole in the roof, banging around and making a generally large amount of noise. Suddenly a swarm of bees was all "WTF MATE" and right in my face. Not one, not two, but more than enough to constitute a large and angry swarm.

So there I am, on the rain slicked precipice of doom, TIED DOWN, and being swarmed by bees. I can't run though because I'M TIED TO THE ROOF via the chimney. I literally have nothing I can do but watch this swarm come at me and engulf my not-insubstantial self in an ocean of pissed off.

So here I sit, moving only my thumbs as I type this on my phone. Completely unable to move any more than these digits for fear of angering the bee-gods. Tied to a chimney, 35 feet or so off the ground. In the rain.