Halloween Stories 2017: Fear on Four Legs

The word “fear” carries little weight in comparison to the look in her eyes. Every clap of thunder brought a sharp intake of breath, and a bracing of her neck muscles. “This is the end of days” she thought, “this is where it all ends.”

Another boom. She felt herself jump before she even registered the sound. She fell sideways against the wall. Kicking against the dirt below her kept he upright, but it was a mad struggle. There was a sudden flash outside the window. Like the heavens tore reality from the ground to the sky. Moments later came another rolling boom. Closer still.

She had to get out before the beast in the sky took her away. She kick and kicked until the door flung open. She darted into the great hall beyond her room. It was empty now. She could see clear to the end and yet not one person was here. “Where did everyone go?” She thought.

It matter not. She needed to escape. The large door at the end was closed up tight. How would she get passed that and outside?

Behind her another tear in the world briefly opened. When the thunder came this time, she ran. Hard and fast, the earth light and soft beneath her. The pounding in her chest was trying to outpace the sound coming from above.

Jesse opened the barn door and saw the mare at full trot towards the barn door. Without a thought for his own safety he held up his hands and took three big steps to the left, placing his body between the big doors and the young horse’s path.

Seeing her friend yanked the fear from her blood. Seeing his clear bright eyes and his open arms brought her down into her body again. Her gallop turned to a slow gait then a walk. He put his hand to her muzzle and held it there.

When the next ground shaking clap of thunder hit they just stood together.

“The first storm is always the worst,” Jesse said “but they will pass sure as the sun will set.”