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I don't keep an excessive social media presence, but you are welcome to find me in a couple places. For the most part I just use Facebook to send silly memes to friends, find recipes for my kitchen endevors and to coordinate events in my social life.

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I make amazing software

I have spent my entire life solving problems and making products with software. I mean my entire life, not just adulthood. I am one of those nerds that started coding on an old pre-IBM home computer in the early 1980's. I started my first contract work at Microsoft when I was just 19 years old. Code is in my DNA, it is part of my very essence.

Being an engineer has lead to many adventures. Some have taken me around the continent, others dropped me in the glitz of Hollywood and all of them allowed many opportunities that I value deeply. My long career affords me skills and insights that make me valuable across a wide range of tasks, not just writing code. I have become a one-man-army of product development, beyond a simple full stack developer.

If you have difficult problems that need experience and wisdom to solve, then you should reach out to me.

check out my resume herecheck out my resume here

SpellZilla - a D&D Spellbook

I play D&D... a lot. I have never found a spellbook app or page that was fast and had features I wanted. For example, what classes have access to fireball? What spells can a Bard take? What book and page has the canon wording?

So I designed my own.So I designed my own.

While it certainly works quite well as a web app (on mobile, bookmark it to your home screen) I have also setup the project to allow me to compile into Electron builds for Windows/macOS/Linux as well as Cordova builds for Android and iOS. If you are interested in seeing a "compiled" version for your platform use the feedback icon in the top-right of the app or send me a message here.

The app is built using Vue.js and plenty of tools from that community. I use a Laravel app to massage and compile the data source. Everything is then stuck up on AWS and is just a static website from there.

Mark Ruffalo never gave up on his dreams

Inspired by a friend of mine, I made a small project one afternoon about Mark. Learn more at:


Be like Mark. Never give up on the dream that burns deep. Never give up on yourself.

Sometimes I write

other times I wrong

Charlie Bear and The Great Beach Adventure

I self published a book about my son and an adventure he took when he was just shy of three years old. It is was a difficult moment in my life and I first penned this story as a form of personal therapy as well as a custom story we could read to my son each night to remind him of the lessons we learned that day.


Charlie Bear is an adventurous young ursidae. One day Charlie just could not get to sleep for his nap. So, giving up on his nap, he thought taking a trip to the beach would be fun. Charlie Bear wonders if he could get Mamma to go to the beach. Based on the true-life adventures of our heroic pseudobear, “The Charlie Bear Adventures” are about the many escapades of the Bear family. These are stories of community, love, inclusion and support that we hope inspire all families to celebrate their uniqueness.

Charlie Bear and The Great Beach Adventure


I also record my thoughts in a public journal. This as a way of recording my growth as a person. Because I record my thoughts this way I am afforded perspective. It is of immense benefit to to see the major changes in my thoughts and beliefs over time. I suggest everyone journal.

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Pieces of Me

A couple of my favorite pictures from the digital era of photography. Hopefully this gives you a little view into a day in the life of LeeZilla.

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If you don't use the various social medias that I am on and want to go old-school, you can either use the contact form below or execute the PHP code shown here to find out my email address.

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  Lost my love, lost my land
  Lost the last place I could stand
  There's no place I can be
  Since I've found Serenity

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